Contact us!

While we are Santa Cruz we would love you to contact us- we want to hear your news and stay in touch.

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • letters- these are always really special to receive and Roz in particular is a lover of letters. You can send post to Ben’s school at Santa Cruz International School, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, PO 4640
  • Skype- Our skype id is ben.roz.powell, look us up, ring us up! Our internet connection is not the best so it can be frustrating at times, but it works okay without the picture.
  • Email us at
  • Comment on our blog to any posts
  • Roz is on facebook


  1. Hi you guys. Hope the first few days have seen you begin to settle in and enjoy your new surroundings. We look forward to hearing news of what’s happening in Bolivia and trust that Chloe will adapt to the new changes really well.
    All the best for tomorrow Ben as you begin your new international teaching post – you’ve come a long way from Moretonhampstead!!

    Tony, Kate, Millie and Niamh-ooooo

  2. hi all
    i hope you are all fine
    i am realy happy you are remember me till now
    up to me i will never forget you all
    my best freind
    i will send email for last news about me and my family
    enjoy on every minute

  3. hi all
    i hope you are all fine
    good to contact with my best friend
    by this website
    enjoy with everyminute

  4. First time we’ve visited your Blog (quite proud of myself that I got into it!! This modern technology!!) Glad you are both well after a few horrible weeks. We trust things will only get better now. Well done for keeping going and sticking at it. Hope the language goes well – its worth the effort when you finally get there!
    Love from us both. John & Mollie

  5. I just found your blog because it was featured in the Newfrontiers email! I just read through the whole thing (cried when I read about the loss of your baby, rejoiced at God’s amazing provision for you and the church in so many ways). I’m originally from Sussex, but I’ve been living in Canada for 8 years where we’re part of a Newfrontiers church here. I’m married with two teenage sons. I’m currently studying Spanish so that I can communicate when we travel to Mexico and other countries. We hosted a couple of pastors from the Mexico churches when they came for our Canadian conference, and have kept in touch sporadically by email. I would love to know more about how you’re getting on with learning Spanish! Also, I think we met a pastor from the church in Bolivia when he came to the Brighton conference a couple of years ago. I seem to remember he was Spanish speaking – so who was it? Is he still part of the church? I’m signing up for emails when your blog is updated and will be following with interest and praying for you. Maybe we’ll get to meet sometime, who knows? So much more I could say, but I’d better stop. Que Dios los bendiga! Love Diana

  6. Hola Ben, Roz and family.
    We received your thank you card for the token parcel we sent you. You are so welcome! Do let us know of any other goodies we can send to you.

    We have briefly been speaking with Andy A about being involved in a team to come out to Boivia next year. Sue and I have been learning Spanish (slowly) and had looked into the New Frontiers Madrid church plant. However that is not to be for the present.
    I had prophecies years ago about going to the nations and having teams and schemes. Andy A picked up on this and feels that we could be called to support different mission works by taking teams and also felt the learning of Spanish would be useful for a Bolivia team. This captured us quite by surprise and it has yet to evolve and grow but we would love to have the opportunity to one out and help. I thought I sould make communication withyou and then your catd arrived!
    Our Spanish is very basic and we need to discipline ourselves to get to grips with learning more. So it will spur us on if we have a purpose again.

    We have a wedding in our family this year, as our eldest son, Chris, is marrying Lucy Goodall, who you may remember? Ironically we are all originally from Basingstoke and Lucy has a NQT position offered in Basingstoke once she finishes her PGCE in June. Chris is trying to get a job up there and will move up when he gets a position. He can live with my brother until they get married. ben, our youngest who is 18, works as a chef and serves inone of the worship bands as a ass player.
    Sue and I have just had a break in Portugal which was very relaxing. We bothhave fairly demanding jobs as Sue is a Pre school pay leader and I Manage the It training side of an Exeter It services company.
    Church is going well, though it’s been quite tough on everyone with all the venue changes and the transition of having a new leader in Stu, who is doing a fab job! Sue and I lead a homegroup and I lead one of the worship bands, of which we have three for rotation for Sunday afternoon services at St Peters High School. We have had several people get saved recently and one girl was wry eager to know Jesus and accepted him on Sunday evening.
    Hope all is well for you and you enjoy time with visitors and family.
    God bless you all.
    Buenos Noches.
    Paul & Sue

    • Gracias Paul and Sue!

      Your comment has really excited us! We would love a team from Frontiers to come out and visit- so if you felt God calling you to lead it, that would be great! Things at Church sound really encouraging at the moment. I spoke to Phil recently who told me about some people who have become Christians.

      Big love from us all

      Ben and Roz + children

  7. Blessings, Powellets! It’s nid of Sawbo – just a line (brevity being not my strength:-) to say hello & thank you so-o much for blogs. This most recent (June 28th), I’ve found particularly encouraging. Came just right for me. Hope to clap eyes on Ann before she heads out, but not guaranteed, but will be thinking of you all. Can’t believe Evie is a year!
    Wot’s best way to send you a wee gift? Send sterling/euros/dollars? Send with mum? Let me know when you’ve a mo. Love to you all

    • Thanks Enid!
      We have emailed you back. Can’t wait to see Mum!

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