About this blog

This blog has a number of purposes. It’s a mixed bag of random thoughts and ideas and musings and such like.

Lots of it will be about life in Bolivia and culture and things that stand out. Lots will also be about faith and God.

I’m writing because I enjoy writing. I’ve found it really helpful to write about life in this way, it’s a bit like a kind of diary. It’s a good way of processing events and feelings. We are bombarded with so many new things, decisions and situations that it is helpful to write about them. This means that often you may feel that posts are highly self-indulgent. They probably are. It also means that there often is no specific reader in mind.

Ultimately though, even though this blog appears to be all about my family and I, I hope that it will point to God in some way. It is all through Jesus and for Jesus. He is the reason we live anyway.

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