Posted by: Thoughts and pensamientos | December 2, 2014

End of a long journey!

Yesterday I collected Evie’s brand new updated birth certificate. She is now officially a Powell (well actually a Powell Powell. You have to have two surnames on birth certificates here. But doubly a Powell is better than no Powell at all).

This means that we have now completed the adoption process here once and for all! Yes, we have popped the cork on the champagne and celebrated with family over skype and with Bolivian cake and friends here. It has taken three and a half years and felt every bit as long at times but it has always been worth it and we have never regretted adopting the beautiful and brilliant Evie. We can testify that God has always been faithful, constant and dependable- answering prayers, providing encouragement and love at just the right time.

Now though we can start to plan two big events- the first being a dedication service and party with our Church and friends here; the second being a visit to the UK! Woohoo! Our children regularly ask to go to England (to see relatives, play on the beach and see a squirrel being their top three requests. Not necessarily in that order. If we could combine all those three experiences in one trip Evie and Caleb would be well satisfied.) and we can now really think about going.

Last night we went to an end of year show at Caleb and Evie’s guarderia (nursery). Brilliant. The best bit was Caleb screaming an abc song at the top of his voice. He seemed angry about it for some reason. Maybe he’s just passionate about letters.


  1. Wonderful news! Yay!

  2. That is such BRILLIANT news!

  3. Got to be the best news ever – can’t wait for that touchdown at Heathrow – what a welcome! Lots of love to all, Mum B

  4. Congratulations!!! I love that you finally have the legal document to reflect and prove what has been true in your hearts from the very first moment that you held Evie and brought her home: that she’s a Powell, that she’s a tremendously loved daughter and sister. So happy for you.

  5. Absolutely thrilled to hear that news. We have been praying for you. Really excited to hear a trip to the UK is in the pipe line. Congratulations to you all, Evie Powell – beautiful!! X x

    • Thanks for your prayers, its so good to be finished!

  6. Such excellent news – I suspect that Evie has always been a Powell but now she has the name to match, in fact two names to match!!
    Much love, CatherineXXxxxx

  7. Absolutely love this post. You guys have been so faithful during what has been a lengthy struggle. Well done. And congratulations little Evie PP! Looking forward to seeing you all again. I’ve saved a beer for you Ben.

    • I look forward to joining you in a beer! Cheers John

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