Posted by: Thoughts and pensamientos | October 20, 2014


Okay, it’s time to get back on the blog after some time off. I’m going to try and write a few shortish posts in the next few days to give you a flavour of how our life is at the moment.

This is the word I’d choose for life with a new-born. Sometimes intensely, deliriously happy- like when we got to view Ana-Noemi’s first smile or bring her home and introduce her to her brother and sisters. Sometimes intensely difficult- like when Ana-Noemi is screaming, there is poo or wee somewhere it shouldn’t be in the house, various other members of the family are crying (including us) and we should have left to go out half an hour ago.

But it is never boring. Or uninteresting. I think actually a lot of the best experiences in life are intense- both intensely good and intensely bad at times.

Ana-Noemi is nearly three months old already and is growing well. God has blessed us so much.


  1. Thanks Ben, really good to have the blog up and running again. Love you all, Mum B

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog. I’m delighted to hear that you now have four little ones keeping you busy. I always pictured you with a large family and I’m sure you are coping really well despite the difficult moments. I imagine all the washing dries more quickly where you are than if you were in UK so that must help.

    Over here my tortoises are all tucked up for their winter sleep but I guess your local ones will still be quite lively.

    We have moved now from Exeter to a village near Oxford to be nearer to family. I’m sure your parents often wish they were nearer to you but through the wonders of Skype they are probably keeping a close eye on you all.

    Looking forward to seeing some photos soon of your expanding family.

    Best wishes


    • Thanks Sue! We love being a big family. Hope your tortoises sleep well for the winter.

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