Posted by: Thoughts and pensamientos | January 7, 2014

All packed up

Well Christmas is all packed away for another year. It always makes me feel a bit sad taking down the decorations, removing the Christmas albums from the playlist and realising all the Christmas cake has been eaten. Somehow you get used to having big socks hanging up and a garishly decorated tree inside.

I think I am finally used to Christmas in Bolivia. I realised this when a friend from school who was spending his first Christmas here told me he just didn’t feel Christmassy. Christmas to me now is less mince pies and mulled wine and more big pigs for sale in all the butchers, cider, panetone and fireworks. We’ve even got our own Christmas traditions now. Every Christmas we go to see the lights with the Hwangbos- a family who are very good friends- and eat ice cream. First we go to the cities Electricity provider’s main office- they have a big Christmas display outside. I think it’s maybe a sneaky advertising campaign “Look at all these lights! See how much electricity we can use!” then we head to the central Plaza to see what this years Bolivian take on the nativity is as well as lots of other lights. Father Christmas is here too, frequently to be seen in our local supermarket actually. One time I went he was telling everyone how cheap the supermarket’s panetone were. I’m glad he cared so much about our hunt for a bargain. It took me a while to realise that Evie kept on wanting to go to the ‘big shop’ because she would see Father Christmas and he might give her a sweetie. I think the big shop has lost its appeal now he’s gone again. Christmas wasn’t all plain sailing though, my hunt for brussels was once again sproutless. (Hohoho!)

This year my parents came to spend Christmas with us which was brilliant. We had a really good time with them; the children loved it. Despite the heat, the noisy cicadas and the annoying mosquitoes, I think Mum and Dad had a good if different Christmas too.

Here they are!

Here they are!

At Church we celebrated Christmas by playing musical chairs and our good friend Roberto spoke about Jesus. Simple and true.

A role reprisal!

A role reprisal!

This year I got to go to the ladies prison with others from our Church and take meals on Christmas Eve. This is something El Jordan organise called Christmas on the Streets where Churches have the opportunity to take meals out to people who would not be able to celebrate Christmas. It was a privilege to be part of, amazing and challenging at the same time. The best things often are.


  1. Lovely to read your blog Love Nancy

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