Posted by: Thoughts and pensamientos | December 9, 2013


Patience is a virtue. Well actually not, it’s a fruit of the spirit. It’s not something that some people magically have and others not, everyone can have patience through the Holy Spirit.

We are studying the fruit of the Spirit at Church at the moment and I preached on patience yesterday. I’m sure when I was younger I imagined that people preaching were quite sorted in the things they were preaching about. It never seems to be like that for me.

I find being patient hard. One of the biggest things we have to be patient with is Evie’s adoption. We don’t know when it will finally be complete and cannot make any plans about visiting the UK until then. The only thing that helps in the waiting is taking our eyes off the situation and putting them on God. On His character, His promises and His word.

Romans Chapter 8 helps a lot with this. It talks about hoping for what we do not yet have and waiting patiently for it; about the Spirit helping us in our weakness and about God working for the good in all things. Roz and I need to keep on coming back to this again and again.

However what is probably even harder than that for me is being patient with my children day by day. At school I think I can be quite patient, with other minor irritations okay, but with my children it’s like my patience reserves are super low and when they disobey my frustration rises immediately. Knowing I was preaching on patience has either made this more noticeable to me or I am just more impatient with them than normal. Which is slightly ironic.

But here looking to God makes the difference as well. When I think of how patient He has been and continues to be with me it shows how mean and petty my own impatience with my children really is. And, because patience is fruit that comes from the Holy Spirit, not a virtue that I don’t have, I can grow in this.

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