Posted by: Thoughts and pensamientos | November 28, 2013

New youth group

Our Church has just started a new youth meeting (or Culto de Jovenes) on Saturday nights. I think we’ve explained before, but here jovenes includes anything from 16-30+. I still get addressed regularly as joven in the markets when I’m buying fruit and veg even though I thought having three children disqualified you automatically.

Our first one was last weekend and was great, well attended, well organised and fun. Pedro, Maykol and Franklin, three of our enthusiastic worship team (well actually the entire worship team while David is away) did a great job of running it.

I went along to share a short message and so naturally joined in with all the games played. This brought a few things home to me.

1. I am not really a joven anymore.

2. I don’t really understand youth culture in Santa Cruz.

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand the games, it was more the forfeits. We played Musical Chairs (I was thinking that maybe the youth were a little too old for this but they didn’t seem to think so) with forfeits. These forfeits involved a kind of blind date style where the person had to choose someone to marry and give reasons as to why they didn’t want to marry other options. All without knowing who they were choosing. They then had to walk down an aisle of the rest of the young people with their chosen partner. This was all expected and normal. Obviously a bit embarrassing for the people involved, but I guess that was the point really. Other forfeits involved saying you were an animal from the zoo and doing a dance.

Apart from the games though there is a serious side. We hope and pray that this youth group/meeting can draw our young people together and help them worship God. Our Church has loads of children under 12 but as they get older than 12 they get less involved with Church; we have a number of families with teenage girls who are pregnant, it is easy for young people to get involved with gangs and many of our young people have failed some grades at school.

The hope is that we can help them connect to Jesus, He makes all the difference. And at the least they can act out a marriage ceremony.


  1. wow, what a lot of marriage ceremonies you are having! I think Ben you are never to old to be called “jovenes” . have fun Rob

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