Posted by: Thoughts and pensamientos | September 25, 2013


I bet the title of this bad boy got you all excited. Responsibility is not exactly a glamorous word is it? It’s the kind of word us teachers use frequently as in “You need to take responsibility for your actions” or in school reports “needs to show more responsibility.”

I think naturally the last thing many of us want to do is take responsibility for something. Well, since David our Pastor has been away the leadership team and Roz and I have had more responsibility in the Church. People have been coming to us with issues and problems; we’ve had to make decisions; we’ve needed to organise things; we’ve had to watch out for the toilet paper situation. None of this has been glamorous or particularly exciting in itself (apart from maybe the toilet paper), but it is part of leadership and building the Church.

David has just got back and will be with us for a month or so and sadly a big part of me would like to heap all this responsibility back onto his shoulders for that time and sit with my feet up. Metaphorically. Evie and Caleb don’t really allow us to do that sort of thing. However I think that is the opposite of what we should really do. Instead we should continue in the same way, carrying the weight and responsibility but with an extra person to support, guide and lead us.

The other thing that comes to mind when I think about responsibility is that Jesus takes responsibility for me. For my actions, my sin. He doesn’t need to- my sins are my responsibility. But He does and frees me from the consequences, freeing me to live for Him. Responsibly of course.

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