Posted by: Thoughts and pensamientos | August 27, 2013

August update

We have not blogged for a while so I will give you some brief details of the past month- it has felt quite busy.

Chloe celebrated her fifth birthday with the help of Mister Burger King and some good friends. I think she really enjoyed it. Evie currently loves all things birthday related and spontaneously bursts into “birthday to you” at any given moment. Vociferously. She likes to round it off with the traditional chant here of “bite the cake!” (when the person celebrating their birthday starts to bite the cake but- surprise, surprise- has their face shoved into the cake. Everyone knows this is going to happen but we all love it anyway) while rubbing her hands together in excitement. Balloons, cake, presents- at the ages of 1, 2 and 5 what is there not to like about birthdays?

We also celebrated Bolivian independence day, naturally by marching as a school. This celebratory march as ever involved lots of standing around waiting and about 3 minutes of actual marching. Fun is not the word. On the other hand we were very impressed by the patriotic coca-cola bottles sporting little Bolivian flag waistcoats in our local shop.

As a Church we had a barbecue/bring and share together at a local park a couple of weekends ago- it was a great event and a good opportunity for families to get together, eat, share and have fun. There were no quiches so it may not qualify as an official bring and share. Also somehow I managed up to do the barbecuing.

Tragically there was also a horrendous incident in the prison in Santa Cruz last week. Many people were killed in an explosion which looks to have been the result of gang fighting within the prison. We know several people with family members who are in the prison but fortunately they are in other sections. A shocking and scary event.


  1. I saw a report about the prison deaths on the BBC website and I wondered if it was the one Roz visited at Christmas. There was also an interesting profile of Bolivia in the Latin American section which I hadn’t seen before.
    Lots of love to you all Mum P. XXXXX

  2. So sorry to hear of this bad news in Santa Cruz. That must have been distressing for you to hear of this happening in the same city you live in. Interested to hear about the shoving of a birthday face into cake! Does this happen to birthday adults faces too or is it just reserved for children’s faces?! Al xxx

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