Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | July 11, 2013

All the small things

David (our Pastor) and Sarah have just gone back to England for six months. Well actually, David will come back for a few weeks in the middle and then leave again. But basically we have been abandoned. We are trying not to get too depressed about it all.

What this means though is that our Church will be left without our Pastor and Pastor’s wife (that well known role in many Churches). As a leadership team or Directorio we have been meeting regularly to plan for life without them for this extended period of time. It is a little scary how many things we need to organise; how many responsibilities there are to pass around. As a small Church with one and a half full time staff our Pastor has a long and interesting job description that he kindly shares with his wife.

We have been through a preaching and welcoming rota, someone to organise and coordinate things. We are now down to the nuts and bolts of what makes our Church run, the nitty-gritty, the glamorous side of Church. Yes, who will bring toilet paper every week? Who will make sure towels are washed and dried? Who will check the supply of tea, coffee and sugar? (bearing in mind that sugar supplies diminish very quickly in Bolivia when everyone has five sugars in their tea). I didn’t realise all these roles came under the job description of Pastor.


The toilet paper committee

The thing is that, boring as some of them may be, small as they appear; all these things need to be organised in a Church to help it run. Actually without toilet paper our Church could not function. (I have spent a long time trying to think of a toilet-related gag/image to use here, but it’s not come to me. If you can think of one, please let me know.) 

But there is a danger here. It could be easy to try to assume responsibility for everything, go into ultra-organisational mode to make sure everything gets done and lose sight of the two big things- Jesus and people. Before leaving David reminded us that a bad sermon does not mean the bottom has dropped out of the world, just like no toilet paper is not the worst disaster ever- perhaps unless the world has dropped out of your… (there it is! I knew it would come to me!) and that what we need to focus on is loving Jesus and caring for people.

So as our first Sunday solo comes up and its my turn to preach and someone else is taking care of the toilet- oh alright I’ll stop going on about that now- we are praying for growth while our pastor and his family are away; for leaders to step up in taking responsibility; for people to be saved and added to us; for our worship to continue increasing in joy; for us to love and care for each other and new people and for God to bless David and Sarah as they are away.



  1. Hi Ben! I have been stalking your blog for a while. I love your writing and also finding out what is going on. This one made me laugh a lot, especially the photo of the ‘Toilet Paper Committee’. Thank you!
    Catherine (Sarah’s sister)

    • Thank you Catherine! Hope you get to see lots of the lovely Adjeis during their time in the UK.

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