Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | July 7, 2013

The legacy of hank

We have just sadly said goodbye to Liz and Ju, our latest visitors.

Liz and Ju!

Liz and Ju!

We had a great time with them, despite it being really cold and raining nearly every day! However the question to ask now, in the aftermath of their leaving, is what legacy have they left behind?

I don’t know if you find this- maybe it is more pronounced for us because we don’t have that many people to stay- but whenever people do stay with us they leave us something behind, a memory or a habit or a game or a recipe or something that gets integrated into everyday Powell family life.

In the past we have had visitors who have left behind Monopoly Deal, a love for tractors, a roast dinner cooked for the whole of Church, a beautiful pose modelling fruit, ‘hammockland’, a deep respect for the Tilley and Panama hats.

So what legacy did Liz and Ju leave? Ju did teach us how to make a proper cup of tea (well she does supply tea for the Queen), slothwatch became a major preoccupation and Liz introduced the game Grandma’s steps; but the major legacy they have left is the introduction of Cockney rhyming slang to Chloe’s vocabulary. When feeling hungry Chloe will now say “I am hank” (as in Hank Marvin- starvin’ as I’m sure you knew) or “I am hank of all the world!” This phrase sits slightly strangely with Chloe’s voice and accent, but I feel it is here to stay as part of family lingo forever. Liz and Ju we thank you for your visit!


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