Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | June 2, 2013

Growth and development

One of the most striking things about being a parent is watching your children grow and learn and develop. Much of this seems to happen without or even despite of your input.

Evie’s big development at the moment is her language. She seems to have a new word almost every day. She still steadfastly refuses to ‘perform’ this talent for the benefit of our friends or family though. And she does still return to her favourite word of Chloe all the time.

Caleb is developing in his mobility. He is able to climb onto a scary range of objects and then stand on them bouncing up and down grinning at you- “Look at what I’m doing!” He is not walking yet (although as I have no doubt my mum will have told you that I didn’t walk until the age of 4 so he’s still well ahead of other Powell males. In my defence I would like to say that my brother had to have walking lessons to help with the basics of not bumping into things, falling over or walking on tiptoes permanently. Have I mentioned this before? Sorry.) but is utilising a trolley or play cot to push around in front of him at high speed. He has started playing  jokes on us now as well, such as the hilarious old run away (or crawl) when its bath time trick. Never ceases to be funny.

Chloe is getting more and more into letters and letter sounds, although this does create some minor conflict when we differ in pronunciation from the American style of her perfect ‘can do no wrong’ teacher at school.

We are having to grow and develop too. One of the difficulties with growth is that a stage that you had just got used to and started to enjoy has now ended and you need to adapt. Again. I suspose this will continue throughout the different ages and stages of our children. Actually though, if it didn’t there would be something very wrong. It can be bittersweet as you realise that calling your youngest children babies is not accurate anymore, but seeing and encouraging them to grow is part of what parenting is all about. It’s just that we have to do it at the same time too.


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