Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | May 29, 2013

Changing habits

As Roz and I are in our late twenties (please note the late twenties carry well on into the early thirties, and beyond) we have found our hobbies and habits changing.

I guess there are lots of reasons for this- children, where we live, the climate, friends, transport and so on. But two hobbies in particular have surprised me at just how much we enjoy them. Naturally I’m talking about gardening and DIY. Maybe it’s automatic. As you get older your hobbies move away from more active ones like football or tennis and gravitate to pottering around in the garden.

I should qualify this though. Gardening in Bolivia is generally very easy. You buy an exciting exotic plant or flower such as a buganvilla, dig a hole, shove it in and then it grows. You just need to water it really. The climate here is highly conducive to growth. We’ve also noticed that all gardens/parks/green areas have basically the same plants- there’s the white one, the nice palm trees, the spiky one- we have no idea what their names are. Fortunately in June we will be visited by an expert professional gardener who can advise us further. The thing that I enjoy most about gardening though is hacking. The trowel is not a commonly recognised gardening tool here, whereas the machete is. Gardening is a lot of fun when it consists of getting the machete out and hacking away at some leaves or branches.

And when I say DIY I should make it clear that I’m talking about very small scale, put a screw or nail in DIY, rather than fix up the plumbing myself. In fact I’m not sure that I actually enjoy the DIY itself. What I do enjoy though is going to a Fereteria and buying the required screw or nail and just looking at all the tools and exciting things to be found there. The other part I enjoy is the feeling of satisfaction when the task is complete and the picture is hanging on the wall or whatever the tiny task was. Sadly the bit in the middle, the actually doing it, is always fraught with difficulties- I haven’t got the right nail or the right tool, or more commonly the right skills and basic practical ability to actually do what I want to. If that bit could be missed out, DIY would be very enjoyable indeed.

So there we have it- on a given Saturday Roz would frequently choose to go to the equivalent of a garden centre here, while I would be in the ferreteria. Our children seem to be following in this too- Evie loves all tools and dangerous DIY objects, while Chloe and Caleb love messing around in soil. Everyone’s happy.



  1. Yes, I have to say I am looking forward to some “easy” gardening on my visit! (tho not the wildlife!!). I’ll go to the garden centre (loved it last time) and Ju can go the the B & Q eqivalent!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your diy and gardening. I know what you mean. I haven’t a clue either but often get there in the end. Regarding plants, I am enjoying success with 5 indoor plants as I have had them all for about 6 months now and they are still looking good. 🙂

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