Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | May 13, 2013

Wanting to be where you are

Last week I was looking after Evie and Caleb solo. While Roz and Chloe have been off galavanting in the UK, eating unhealthy numbers of British sausages, I have been guarding the fort. Actually, as tempting as it is to seek sympathy, it has been mainly good and fun at times. Life with Caleb and Evie is not boring. Frustrating, tiring, very funny at times, but not boring.

And I have got to experience first hand something I notice them doing with Roz a lot. Following her. Yes, this week my every footstep has been dogged by the pitter patter of little feet (and the drag, drag of crawling knees to be accurate. One of my jobs for the week from Roz was to teach Caleb to walk. It’s not happened yet.) This includes when I’ve been washing up, sitting down for a cup of tea, sitting at the computer, doing gardening or even on the toilet. Now I appreciate an open door toilet policy as much as the next man, but it is rather off putting when someone is trying to take everything out of the toilet bin, play with the toilet brush and get into the shower. But they just want to be where I am. Sweet. Endearing. Practically a bit tricky.

But what if I had this attitude with God? Of wanting to share every moment of every day with Him, fully? And it’s possible too with the Holy Spirit. One of the good things with Evie and Caleb following me is that at least I can see what they’re up to. It’s those suspicious silences where all kinds of naughtiness could be happening that are perhaps worse. And with God too, the closer I am to Him, the safer I am. The happier I am.

The other thing I have experienced this week though is a real missing of Roz. I have wanted to be where she is. With her being away I realise how much we act as a team, how we share life together and something crucial is missing. But she has had the opportunity to meet our brand new nephew, Dylan John Good, and I must give a massive congratulations to Mim and John. I’m glad that Roz and Chloe have been able to be there, but I couldn’t wait to be with them again.


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