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We have had two Church weddings in the last six months. They were great, not so very different from an English style wedding. They were two extremes- one a young couple who have been going out for a few years, the other a couple who have been together for years and have several children.

As a Church we are doing a marriage course at the moment- El Curso del Matrimonio. We are following the course from Holy Trinity Brompton, but have adapted it for our culture and setting. This means, for example, that instead of romantic ‘table for two’ dinners surrounded by mood lighting and music (as recommended for the course), we have food from plastic containers eaten off laps. With loads of the couples children around (including our own!). These millions of children are then packed off to be looked after while the adults go through the course.

Some of the crucial messages are tricky to translate to our setting as well. Marriage time or a weekly date night is made difficult when people are working six days a week, get home late, have virtually never had a baby sitter and share their bedroom with all their children. Who don’t go to sleep until ten. In some cases as well calling it the marriage course is slightly misleading as not all the couples are actually married.

Roz and I are leading some of the sessions which has been challenging for us but in a good way. Teaching about marriage, especially the place of forgiveness as we did last week, highlights conflict and issues in our own marriage.

The other thing that makes it hard is that we know that many of the couples on the course have been through or are going through really hard times and that there are big things to forgive. Things that Roz and I have not had to experience.

But despite all the difficulties this course is well worth it. It is great that we are able to put time and resources into the marriages within our Church. It is practical and crucial to work with people in this way. It has been good for Roz and I to evaluate our marriage again- the good parts and the bad parts. We trust that God is speaking to couples, healing issues and hurts, improving communication and fun, bringing families closer and strengthening marriages. And nearly marriages- hopefully we’ll celebrate some more weddings as a Church!

Here we all are!

Here we all are!






  1. Who are the two couples that got married??

    • Pedro and Ximena before Christmas and then Jean-Paul and Neli a few months ago.

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