Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | March 22, 2013

El Dia del padre

I have written about this before, but have to again. I just love it.

This week was father’s day in Bolivia. Here it is made into a big deal. Everyone- not just your children- greet you and wish you a happy father’s day and congratulations. At school Chloe’s class and pre-school had a special breakfast where they sang sentimental ‘we love you’ style songs, to the tune of well known nursery rhymes. It didn’t matter that I had heard the song maybe one hundred times already in the house or that many of the children were glad that they and their daddies were bunnies rather than buddies, I loved it.

Then when I got home, Evie had made a special card at her nursery for me with her handprint. And a shirt and tie on the front.

Maybe the purpose is to break down some of the macho stereotypes surrounding men but it works with me- by the end of the day I was very emotional and feeling very blessed indeed. Even if it is a little cheesy it gives value to Dads and families.

I love being a Dad.


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