Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | February 12, 2013

Carnaval Report

I thought I’d give you a report on how Carnaval went…

We looked at the theme of worship, sharing and encouraging one another in worship. David told people on the first night that the goal was for everyone to be praying or sharing a Psalm or Bible verse by the end of the Camp.

Roz and I were actually a little discouraged on the first night. Lots of people hadn’t come yet and Caleb and Evie decided to spend the meeting either shouting at each other or crying. Or both. This, while everyone else’s children were behaving well and quietly. Not that we ever feel the need to compare you know.

After that though things just got better. More people came, we enjoyed good food and weather and company. And people shared. Sarah encouraged us to write our own Psalms to share with each other. It was brilliant- People who had never prayed out loud before, felt free to. I found it really encouraging. And people also shared in the talent show on Sunday night. There were jokes, songs, a dance routine from a very talented family, some kind of highly inappropriate bottom slapping, guitar playing and more. This was probably my favourite part of the whole Camp. Sometimes I forget that events do not have to be especially ‘spiritual’ to give God glory- and be fun- and this was another good example of people sharing and encouraging each other. Pedro who lead the evening prayed as we began that our talents would be for God. They certainly were.

The team who had planned the Camp did well, preaching and leading. The best thing though was that by the end of the Camp practically everyone had shared in one way or another.



  1. That’s so encouraging to hear!

  2. This has encouraged me too. A ‘talent night’ is planned soon at our church. I may have to practise my bottom-slapping routine….:-)

  3. Thanks so much for such encouragements. Sounds like Caleb and Evie were just setting the stage for everyone else to share!

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