Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | February 8, 2013

Carnaval 2013

Santa Cruz starts to celebrate Carnaval on Saturday, signifying the start of 3 days of crazy paint, water and mud flinging as well as lots of drinking and barbecues. I think many people survive on meat and beer for the duration.

As a Church we are having our annual camp, celebrating together.

It looked for a while like it might not happen though. Dave Gillard from Biggin Hill in the UK was planning to come and teach on Evangelism, but is unable to. Then David our Pastor found out he had gallstones and may need an operation any day. We were struggling to find a plan C. At the same time there are lots of others in Church who are ill at the moment, many who have big financial problems and others for whom life is just a struggle at the moment.

So when we met as a leadership team it was very tempting to just cancel the camp for Carnaval and shut down for a bit.

Instead though, we’re going to go for it. We’re going to look at worship. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, focusing inwards and feeling down we want to lift our eyes to our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. We want to focus on Him, not us.

And as we meet together in weakness, with many suffering in some form and to some degree, we will trust that God will have the Glory. That He will meet with us. That as we try to give our best to The Best it will be good for us as well, that we will also be blessed.



  1. I am praying for God’s will to be done in all this, and for wisdom and faith for the leaders. That God meets with you in power this weekend. Have you told Lee and the team so that they can be praying for you as well?

  2. Hey guys,

    Praying for you all over carnaval, was praying whilst I spoke to Ximena the other day and really felt that God was going to use this time to really speak to you all as a church and show you that he is sovereign and in control of it all even when it seems that everything is going wrong. I really hope it is a great time of spending time as a church family and that there is a real sense of community there, getting to know each other and strengthening relationships. Be expectant for great things! I know that Pedro and Ximena have been praying for lots of healing so be expectant! Mandar mis saludos a la iglesia! And slightly jealous I can’t be with you all this year! Rhian 🙂

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