Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | February 5, 2013

The dream

I have a dream. It is of a party. Okay, it might not sound as impressive as someone else’s dream, but hear me out.

Firstly you are invited. We would love it if you could be there. It will be at our house on a Sunday, there will be food and drink and celebration involved, we just can’t give you the date yet. Making arrangements to come may be tricky.

We want to hold a party to celebrate Evie’s adoption. We would like to start off at Church dedicating Evie and Caleb to God, then invite everyone- and I mean everyone- neighbours, colleagues, friends, family, the people we buy vegetables from at the market to come and celebrate with us. We want to celebrate what God has done- giving us Caleb and Evie and bringing them into our family and our Church family. We want to thank people for supporting us and thank God for His amazing gifts.

I can smell the barbecue, imagine the empanadas and the cool drinks, see the children running crazily around our garden. I want to say to people “Look at what our God has done!”

The trouble is that Evie is still not adopted yet. It is not signed and sealed legally so this party is still a dream.

This is still hard to cope with. At the moment we are waiting for what seems to be pointless paperwork to be finished. It is hard to have faith that this will ever be finished, but we are trying to learn that this is a question of where we base our hope. If we base it on our experience of adoption here, the speed of the process, the hold-ups that have occurred, the worries over corruption that exist here and so on then our hope is very low. But if our faith is in God- our creator and sustainer, the one who made the stars, who died for us, whose everlasting arms surround us, then there is no competition, our hope can be sure. And this God is far more real than our circumstances. They are fleeting and will pass, but He continues forever.

So this party may only be a dream but it will happen. And you’re invited.



  1. Sorry Ben, I’m in tears – we all want it so much. Love you all, Mum

  2. ive just been praying for you on the way to work… then I got here and when I read the first part I thought THIS IS IT!! but then read the second part and realised its not. Im crying too 😦 but I have faith and hope, God is huge and has a big plan for Evie’s life-and youre part of it!! Faith Hope Love. Keep on loving and being hopeful, and i believe it WILL happen xxx

  3. Can’t wait, dear Powellettes! I lerv a party…..

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