Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | January 26, 2013

Morbid thoughts

One of the challenges of having a four year old daughter who talks and thinks a lot is that of having to answer tricky questions at any time in any place.

Chloe’s favourite topic of choice at the moment is- for a four year old girly girl who loves princesses- you’ve guessed it- death! What happens when you die? Where do you go? Does it hurt? Do you have a new name in Heaven? And so the questions continue. Her favourite time for asking such questions is just before bedtime which can feel like a timewasting ruse, but the questions and the thinking behind them are real.

But should we try and answer her questions or steer her onto a more jolly, healthy topic? Or just send her to bed? Maybe we should just avoid the topic of death altogether.

Well, no. We will all die, it is a fact of life. I actually think Chloe’s interest is healthy and it is good for me to think about what happens after death.

Sadly my Grandad died before Christmas. This caught me by surprise although he had many health problems. I found it hard- not because I was worried about what had happened to him- he was one of the strongest, surest Christians I have ever met and I am sure he is in Heaven- but because I had expected to see him again a few times at least. I tried hard to see if I could get to the UK for the funeral, but it wasn’t possible. I found this hard too, I had a strong desire to be with my family to celebrate his life with them, all together. Grandad was a character- he had a strong sense of humour, a big presence, a great love of God and I have always enjoyed those qualities. Well, apart from when he put soap all over my toothbrush. But I didn’t feel sad for him for dying- he has gone to be with his Lord Jesus which is better by far.

So death is very real. And so is heaven. And while my 4 year old girly daughter continues to challenge what I know of heaven I will keep on looking into what the Bible says and trying to help her and my understanding.


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