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Holidays are very important for Roz and I. We invest in taking time out from our life and love to visit new places and meet new people. We got back recently from a holiday in Cochabamba, Bolivia’s third city.

People from Cochabamba are called Cochabambinos. I love the sound of that so much I am considering telling people I am a Cochabambino but it’s simply not true. The people we met were very proud to be from Cochabamba and could sing it’s praises for some time. The perfect climate…the lovely food…the sights…

It is a nice place. Situated among mountains with beautiful waterfalls and thermal springs nearby as well as a statue of Cristo on the hill in the centre of the city. The statue is ever so slightly taller than the one in Rio apparently. We really loved travelling to places around the city and seeing yet another side of Bolivia.

Chloe has caught our love of holidays and finds the whole thing very exciting. She loves having her bag and then putting her things away wherever we are staying and doing special things on holiday. It is harder to say how Evie and Caleb feel- as long as food is provided they seem happy. Evie’s favourite part of the holiday was running around a botanical garden in the rain. The waterfall she could take or leave, but puddles to splash in? Now you’re talking.  

Living in Bolivia, we really want to get to know the country, its wildlife and people. We have loved everything we’ve seen so far- the altitude of La Paz, the beauty of Lake Titicaca, the colonial white city Sucre, the Inca ruins in Samaipata and now the tranquil Cochabamba. In fact Sarah feels that with Santa Cruz we have got the dud city in Bolivia. She may have a point. However, after being on holiday there is also some pleasure in returning home and Santa Cruz is certainly our home.

We feel like we are getting to know more of Bolivia, but have really only travelled around the centre of the country- and touched the border at Lake Titicaca. There is much more to discover, if only I can convince Roz that jungles would be fun.



  1. Sounds great! I feel the same way about Mexico – I want to see as much of it as I can – and the countries further south from here as well!

    Hoping to “get” Spanish well enough to make travelling that much easier.

    Continues to encourage me to hear of all that you guys are doing and all that God is doing in you – Brits in a foreign land, like myself.

    • Cheers Tom. What’s happened to your blog? I couldn’t get onto it when I tried last time- are you still using it?

  2. Come on Ben, you do Santa Cruz down – it has sloths and giant toads and bone-rattling taxis and rain like you’ve never seen, but best of all it has you guys! I can’t wait to see you all. God bless LOL Mum

  3. That’s my city! Should you go back then make sure you get the following:

    1) dinner at “la estancia”
    2) pop to the “centro comunitario en sumumpaya” kilometro ocho to see
    some amazing work going on
    3) don’t go up el cristo unless in cable car, don’t walk down in small group.
    4) ask a taxi driver to take you to “los castores” for the best saltenas

    Why did you go in rainy season? Given their penchant for waterfights in the streets and aiming for gringos, you got lucky….

    Santa Cruz is not the dud city don’t worry, Oruro was a let down…

    Hope you are both well!

    ps: if you do lake titicaca again then pop over the border and visit las islas flotantes, they are incredible.

    • Thanks Dave- we thought of you when we were there! We did go up and down to the Cristo by cable car. Very impressive, but massive queues.

      • Rereading your post, remember they said Bethlehem was a dud city…see micah

  4. 🙂

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