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Happy 2013!

A lot has happened since the last blog so I’ll give you a quick update on our Christmas.

The traditional Christmas zoo trip

The traditional Christmas zoo trip

My Dad and brother came out to visit us for Christmas and we enjoyed lots of fun and games with them as well as the presents from family they brought with them. Our house now sounds to the chime of electronic toy phones and microphones. We are very grateful.

We celebrated Christmas at our Church on the 23rd December, sharing panetone together and giving out Christmas party bags to all the children. Roz and I had organised a professional, well produced, acted and directed Christmas drama with the young people. When both Joseph and the Angel Gabriel (two of the three key roles. Jesus was being played by a plastic doll as is traditional.) had not turned up 15 minutes after Church had started we were beginning to worry. We managed to change around our cast a little and I’m sure no one noticed the disparity between our seven year old Mary and the fifteen year old Joseph. In other problems Roz had managed to make another prospective Mary cry and no one laughed at my one big census joke. Later David told me he did find it funny but I didn’t hear him laughing at the time.

The younger children steal the show in their star hats

The younger children steal the show in their star hats

Anyway, despite these minor hitches we enjoyed worshipping the God who gave up so much to become a baby and considered the enormity of what that actually means. I was really glad that my Dad and brother were there to share it with us and our Church.

On Christmas Eve Roz was involved with Navidad en las calles (Christmas on the Streets) which is an El Jordan project giving food and presents out to people living on the streets and in the prisons. Roz went with a team from our Church to give 200 plates of food to people in the women’s prison. I think it was a real eye-opener for her and she is thinking about going back some time. As a result Roz’s hand was in a photo on the front page of the local paper, El Deber. More than the brief moment of hand fame though Roz felt God’s great love for the people she met.

We hope your Christmas was good and that God blesses you this new Year!



  1. Thanks. Great blog. Thanks too for my pretty note book. Also like the alpaca wool gloves and wore them today and nativity scene that Liz gave me. Ali xx

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