Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | August 7, 2012

Questions, questions, questions

Chloe is just about to turn four. She had a great birthday party at the weekend- with Grandma there, lots of friends, pass the parcel and cake, it ticked all the boxes.

At the moment she seems to be in a questioning stage, and she usually likes to drop a huge philosophical question in at the most appropriate of times- when we’re eating, just about to go out or when the phone is ringing for example. I thought I’d share a few choice ones-

What is hair for?

Is ice-cream good for you?

Can I invite Jesus to my birthday party?

Will we sleep in Heaven?

Can I have a sweetie?

Like any good parents we carefully consider our answers, pray for wisdom, think of the best, most appropriate language to use when explaining such tricky ideas as eternal life, omnipresence and sweeties and then say “Ask Grandma.”

Unfortunately that option has just left on a plane to go home and we will have to answer alone.

Chloe’s questions are challenging at times, but they also offer an insight into what she is thinking about- and it is often surprising and delighting. Not always to be fair- the sweetie question does come up frequently.

But questions are a good thing.



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