Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | June 28, 2012


Tramites. It sends a shiver of revulsion and fear down my spine. The prospect of mind numbing, frustrating tedium and confusion is promised at the mere mention of the word.

My dictionary translates it as procedures, but here it seems more like paperwork. You are described as being ‘in tramites’ whenever you are applying for some kind of official documents, like a drivers licence, ID card or passport. Maybe we have just had bad experiences, but so far tramites has meant waiting in huge queues to be told when you get to the front that the document you are waiting for is not there yet. And they don’t know when it will arrive. Try next week. Lets be honest; there is no way it will be there next week either. Most of our tramites so far have involved immigration- again the mere mention of that place brings me out in a cold sweat. I need to go and have a quick lie down…

Back now. Anyway, we are also in tramites with regards to Evie’s adoption. We have the same kind of out of control, how long will this take, feelings, but this time it is to do with our daughter actually being legally adopted. This is quite stressful. We need to follow the procedures carefully and properly and we’re not sure how to speed things up.

Why pray when you can worry? is a comment our old Pastor in Exeter, Andy Arscott, jokes about. But we find ourselves doing just that at times. Worrying and not praying, not putting the tramites into God’s hands.

Is God in control of the Bolivian legal system? is a question our Pastor here, David, asked me. Well when you put it like that… The Almighty Creator of the whole Universe who spoke everything into being. The uncreated God, who is Sovereign over all. Is He is control of the Bolivian legal system? Is anyone? I joke of course. But do I believe it? Do I live and act and pray as if it were true?

This is one of those areas where my faith must impact my life and change me, otherwise all I will do is worry. Because actually God is in control. He is Todopoderoso- All Powerful. And we believe he has called us to adopt Evie so we must trust Him.

I guess it all comes down to which word I fear most- tramites or the Todopoderoso God I follow.

PS Happy Birthday Evie! 1 year old!



  1. ¡Estoy de acuerdo!
    I was NOT a fan of the immigration process here in Mexico, and we had it quite lightly compared to some people’s stories. Can’t imagine what it would be like for sorting out something like adoption as well!

    ¡Voy a orar por ustedes! ¡No es facíl!

    • Good to hear the mutual understanding hermano. Thanks for your prayers.

  2. Wow!!! Evie is one year old today! That is so amazing, what a precious gift her life has been to everyone who knows her! Don’t forget you have an army praying with you and for you through this whole process. You are being held up by prayers as we speak. Don’t lose heart.

    • Thanks Choong-Sil
      Those prayers are well appreciated. It is amazing to know that God is for us and we are being prayed for!

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