Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | June 23, 2012

Muddy Waters

It has been tipping it down here recently. One of my colleagues at school keeps making jokes about how the Ark is coming on as we’re going to need it soon. It feels like we have had weeks of solid, unending, vertical rain.

Santa Cruz is not well known for its drainage system so you get giant puddles forming everywhere. And the longer the rain goes on, the deeper and muddier the puddles get.

Muddy waters is one of my big problems with Christianity. (I hope you appreciated the seamless transition there into what will, no doubt, be a life-changing Spiritual application. Or maybe not.)

Christianity often appears confusing because there are so many groups and people claiming to be Christian or taking the name of Jesus Christ, and yet believing and acting very differently. This muddies the waters. It makes it hard to see what is real Christianity.

In Santa Cruz there are lots of rule-heavy Churches and also ones that promise an end to suffering. My beliefs, and the key beliefs of Fuente De Vida differ from them greatly.

I would love it if the waters were clearer and less confusing. And yet it is dangerous to say that I have an infallible handle on the truth of Christianity and that anyone who thinks differently to me must be wrong.

But there are some things I do believe other groups have wrong. For example I do not believe that God promises a life free from suffering to people who follow Him.

So what to make of the muddy waters of Christianity? I guess we have to go back to the source of the water in the first place. Jesus. When there is confusion I think we have to return to Jesus. Who is He? What does He teach? How does He call us to follow Him?

I know I am highly fallible, but Jesus is the Rock who does not change. He is a firm and secure foundation, even if those who follow Him, like me, muddy the waters at times.

Looks like its stopping raining.



  1. Happy puddle dodging! x

  2. In my experience (!!) Ben, you underestimate these “puddles” – they are great muddy ” lakes” to be squelched through!! Do hope the rain really has come to an end and Santa Cruz can dry out.

    • Too true, Liz. As you well know we could use boats to get around at times. Good job its stopped raining now!

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