Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | June 12, 2012

Guest post from Granny

So here is our second ever guest post on powellsinsantacruz, we welcome Liz, Granny, to share…

Well, what can I say?   This is one awesome family (but we all know that already!), and though it is indeed a challenge to look after 2 babies at different stages, Roz, Ben & Chloe are well up for it, and are enjoying every minute. They have spacious new accommodation with plenty of room for Evie’s energetic exploits!

Yes, and a garden, which Chloe and I have been clearing with Ben wielding the machete! Roz & I even managed to track down a little garden “centre”!

So impressed with Santa Cruz people who are ALL warm, friendly and openhearted.

Have very much enjoyed meeting some of the church members in their homes, who have been so welcoming and hospitable despite having little in the way of material goods.

Yes, we did celebrate Jubilee with an English type garden party at David & Sarah’s complete with Bunting, flags, union jack plates & cups, & even a “flotilla” in the swimming pool, and of course a hearty rendition of the National Anthem!

As for the sloth hunt – success! with not one but two sightings, one of which was very up close and personal!

Weather has been a real mixture, hot & humid, as well as more like England.  On the latter type days everyone dresses up in layers, unlike me who is more used to it, so Chloe announced to one and all – a hat is not on Granny’s head!!

So from a hatless granny with lots of Boliv experiences buzzing around her head,




  1. Great post!

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