Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | June 3, 2012

Big move!

Before we get to that though here is the bigger news: the mothership has landed! Liz (Roz’s mum) touched down last week. It is great having her with us, and not just for the trademark biscuits she made the other day. I love seeing her play and garden and read with her grandchildren. It is such a special thing, especially when it is Evie and Caleb’s first time with her. She will be with us for about a month- seems too short a time.

She has come just as we have been moving house. She spent a few days in our old house, surrounded by boxes and has helped as we moved last weekend.

The move went smoothly- from taking our all the lightbulbs, plants from the garden and curtain hooks (not really), to getting everything on a truck, to starting to unpack and see where everything goes. We haven’t missed anything that might have fallen off the back of the truck yet so that’s good.

In fact moving in Bolivia has been fairly straightforward. Some people from my school helped us and, because we have only moved five minutes away, everything had been transferred in the space of a couple of hours.

So here we are in our new house, settling in. It makes me think back to when we first arrived and were settling in then. We seem to have a lot more stuff now- somehow it has accumulated. We are also in a bigger, nicer house. When we moved here we wanted to live simply. There is already a massive contrast between the way we live and the way the majority of the people in our Church and in Santa Cruz and in fact in the whole world live. I guess we are more aware of that with the kind of people who come to our Church, as we visit them, spend time with them and see how they live. So has living simply changed as we’ve moved? I’m not sure but I hope not is the short answer. I don’t want us to get overly comfortable and unaffected by poverty. I don’t want us to shut out the world outside the admittedly high walls of our garden. I think the answer may be going out to see people where they are as well as inviting them in- hospitality. We will try to do both. 

We started a new Church small group in our house for anyone who lives near us. We have really missed being part of a small group since Evie and Caleb came along, so it is great to be part of one again, and actually lead it. As challenging as that is in Spanish. The first meeting was great, especially praying for each other.

Oh, and happy Jubilee!



  1. Well done with the house move. Love Alibali xx

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