Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | May 15, 2012

Walking, moving house and Abuela!

The big news for us at the moment is that Evie is walking! We claim no credit- she is one determined and focused little baby. To be honest we weren’t sure if it was physically possible. She is a tad chubby and has very short feet (in fact they are as wide as they are long. We need to buy square shoes for her)- we were worried that her feet and little legs may not be able to cope with the weight they were supporting. We were wrong.

However we are also getting ready to move house. We have been in our current house the whole time we have lived here. The school I work for arranged it for us, and we have been happy here. We like the neighbourhood, have been safe and have been able to invite lots of people round. However it is time to move on. We have found a new house with more space and privacy (we currently live with our landlady on the same plot of land at the back of our house) in what will hopefully be another good neighbourhood.

The hardest thing about moving will be saying goodbye to our neighbours Davide and Teresa- we have used Davide as a taxi driver for every guest who has come to visit and he is a great character. We pray to make new friends where we move.

But, even bigger than that news, is the arrival of Granny (Abuela) in just over a week! Woohoo! We cannot wait. She will be with us for almost a month and we are so happy for the chance for her to really know Chloe, Evie and Caleb, and them to know her. Fantastic. Evie will be able to walk up to her!



  1. Wow! if Evie had you and Roz on your toes (esp in regards to the bathroom and kitchen!:) while she was crawling, can’t even begin to imagine how full your hands must be now that she is walking and, soon to come (gasp!), running! uh oh…! you may never be able to sit down again! so happy for the powell family with all these joyous events taking place (minus packing, that is just a bummer)!!! thanks for the update!

  2. Thanks Powell fam – I feel so welcome already, can’t wait to see you all and meet Evie and Caleb for the first time! Woohoo!! Oh yes, and don’t forget that sloth hunt !!!

  3. Great news you are getting a new house. Have a fab time with granny! Bets wishes to you all.

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