Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | May 2, 2012

Returning visitors

To our sadness we have just said goodbye to Choong-Sil and Dave Gillard. They are very different people with very different gifts, but they both bring so much to our Church when they visit. All the more so because this was the third visit for both of them. Over the last three years they have both built up relationships with people in Church, so now, when they return, they are more trusted, loved and respected.

Dave spent time preaching, encouraging the worship team, sharing the Gospel, praying for the sick, leading a parenting seminar and teaching the men. He brings such enthusiasm, love and genuineness. He is always honest of his own weakness, but brings hope to follow Jesus as men and parents, in worship and prayer. While he was here some people gave their lives to Jesus, and some people were healed.

Choong-Sil spent a lot of time with us, helping with our babies. She also visited lots of families with Lidia, the pastoral visitor, and ate what can only be described as an incredible number of empanadas in one sitting. Having her stay with us was great- she is a real servant and will wash up without a second thought. We find her love for the Bible really encouraging and challenging to us, as well as her willingness to read and study all kinds of other books.

We, and many others in Church, were sad to see them go- Choong-Sil and Dave bring such different gifts, but they are filled with the same Holy Spirit, and their ongoing commitment to us as a a Church is an immense encouragement. We thank God for them.


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