Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | April 13, 2012

Guest post from Choong-Sil!

Hello people and welcome to a first for powellsinsantacruz- a guest blog post! We have Choong-Sil staying with us at the moment and here are some of her thoughts on our Church, Fuente De Vida, here in Santa Cruz.

My name is Choong Sil and I am visiting the church here in Santa Cruz for one month from Guadalajara, Mexico. I am from a New Frontiers church there also called, funnily enough, Fuente de Vida. Fuente de Vida Guadalajara is my favourite church in the world and the Santa Cruz church is a very close running second. But maybe I am biased. You be the judge.

This is my third month-long visit to Santa Cruz and each time has been incredibly eye-opening. Maybe soul-opening is the more accurate term. If Jesus were still walking around in a body in the 21st century, I feel certain that His first stop would be to worship with the crew gathered on Uruguay Street on Sunday mornings.

Every time I come, I spend a lot of time reading the gospels and am so struck by the fact that Jesus had time for those that no one else had time for. He loved and valued those that the rest of society did not. And what I love about the church here is that it is community and family, it is grace and gospel for the hungry and weak and poor. I learn so much about long suffering and joy and endurance while I am here. I learn to complain less and be more grateful. I am blessed by the people here in ways that I do not know how to reciprocate.

I spend afternoons visiting the various families and their hospitality is extravagant. The quality I notice most when around them is not that they are poor but that they are poor in spirit. They are truly a church comprised of individuals who love much because they know and embrace that Jesus has forgiven them much. It is humbling and inspiring to be with them and to think that even though our churches are so far apart we are brothers and sisters of the same Father and united by prayer. This, I feel, is truly what it means to be a church.



  1. Way to go Choong! We are very proud of you and we miss you in Guadalajara.
    Much love to the ever increasing Powell gang and to everyone in Santa Cruz.

    Oscar & Bibi

  2. My question is Ben, are you still convinced there are 7 gifts of the Spirit????

    • Alright Oscar. In the first place I said there were 12 gifts of the spirit- I mean who would think there were 7? What do you take me for? Secondly I was feeling pressure to give some kind of an answer and my Spanish let me down. Anyway I’m working hard on number 11 out of the 12 at the moment.

  3. What inspiring words! Thanks, Choong Sil for giving me a glimpse into your days in Bolivia! What an awesome experience. Sounds like you are part of something very special there, and God is using your gifts to bless others. Love you, girl!
    -Jess (Styer) Miles

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