Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | March 31, 2012

Back in the loop

We have felt a bit out of things recently. The children have not been sleeping really well, we missed Church a weekend ago because Chloe was poorly. I’ve not been playing football; we’ve not been to Home Group for ages; I haven’t had Spanish lessons for a couple of months; Roz hasn’t been visiting people from Church; I haven’t been praying every week with David; I’ve missed lots of the men’s meetings.

There have been good reasons for this, but we are looking forward to getting back in the loop, especially with Church. Our good friend Choong-Sil (“one of the most Godly women I know” (Roz Powell), “I love Choong-Sil, she lets me stay up late and watch Dora” (Chloe Powell)- ringing endorsements indeed) is visiting for a whole month and hopefully will stay with us some of that time starting tomorrow. We’re hoping that with her help we’ll be able to visit Church families again and go to Home Group.

We’re really looking forward to seeing people a bit more- getting more involved again.  

PS Quick update on a new development in the ‘battle of the bathroom’- Evie can now open the bathroom door by pushing it really hard when she is in her walker. Maybe I wasn’t leaving the door open all those times.



  1. It’s great that we are under ‘grace’ & that turning up for stuff doesn’t cut it with the Lord. He’s more concerned with how you are with family first. Having said that, it’s good that you’re getting back into the loop.

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