Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | February 16, 2012

Fearfully and wonderfully made

On Valentine’s Day Caleb Benjamin Powell was born! He weighed in at 9 pounds, has lots of hair, is quite long and is a gorgeous baby.

If we could see you we would probably end up telling you the birth story. Every baby has one and mums like sharing them like old soldiers sharing battle stories- Roz has heard a lot of birth stories in the last few months. Here are the highlights of Caleb’s birth story- we won’t share the low lights since this is a blog for all the family. I don’t think Guy or Toby would appreciate too much information…

  • He has been knitted together inside Roz by a master craftsman who knew everything about him long long before we got to meet him on Tuesday. He is made in the image of God
  • I got to dress up as Dr Carter from ER to assist
  • One of the Nurses took to calling him Valentino after his birthday
  • After the birth Roz was ‘posted’ through the biggest hatch I have ever seen. Her trolley was pushed up to this giant hatch, another was put on the other side and she was pulled from one to the other. Why she couldn’t have gone out of the door she came in through we will never know
  • We did lose all ability to speak Spanish under pressure- but it didn’t matter
  • Our friends David and Sarah and Jackie have been brilliant in looking after Chloe and Evie and taking us to the hospital
  • Roz is amazing
  • Nobody (including the nurses) could believe Roz was going to give birth naturally rather than by a C-section (norMAL?)
  • Evie is enormous compared to Caleb

I hope that answers any questions you may have had and some you didn’t know to ask. Now check out some photos!

Dr Carter...with a monobrow

Caleb is fearfully and wonderfully made. God’s works are wonderful. We know it full well.

We have named him Caleb not because it means dog but because in the Bible Caleb is described by God as a man who followed the Lord wholeheartedly. We can’t think of anything we’d want more for Caleb than that.



  1. Congratulations! He is gorgeous! xxxx

  2. Congratulations!

    Ian and Suzy

  3. We are delighted! Congratulations and lots of love from all the Shorts.

  4. Lovely to hear your news, congratulations to you all and hope Roz is recovering from the birth well. Much love to you all. Helen&family x

  5. Many congratulations! Very exciting news. Great photos – Thanks for sharing them on your blog. Lovely name. We can’t wait to meet you all one day. God is good! Lots of love, The Hoiles

  6. What fabulous news!

    Well done!
    God is so Good.
    Thinking of you all

  7. this has made me feel so happy! congratulations lovely powells! xxxx

  8. Great news and lovely to see the piccies. Caleb joins Mike as a Valentine boy!Lots of love Mike and Carolexx

  9. Well done Roz! Have a great fortnight looking after the family Ben. Can’t wait to meet Caleb, hopefully in May. God bless you all, we pray that Roz will make a speedy recovery.

  10. Congratulations!!!!!!! This post made me laugh so much too… he looks adorable and very cute. Well done Roz- a true hero 🙂 much love to you all. Matt Anna Rafa and Theo x x x x x

  11. Brilliant! Congratulations to you all. Well done Roz – what a whopper!
    Much love
    Gail & Malc xxxxx

  12. We are delighted for you & rejoice with you. God bless you all continually.
    Much love & or prayers
    Keith & Lois xxxxx

  13. Wonderful news! Congratulations. What gorgeous pictures of Caleb, and the whole Powell family:-) Love to you all. The Smiths xx

  14. Roz – you excel at delivering big babies! What a whopper indeed!! Well done – amazing news, gorgeous pictures, powerful name. How wonderful to see him – he looks beautiful. Ben scrubs up well too 😉 We are so so happy for you. Sending our love, the Annetts xxx

  15. Wow! Thank you everyone for your comments, we are overwhelmed! Caleb and Roz both doing well.

    Love Ben, Roz, Chloe, Evie and Caleb!

  16. Get on there our kids in Bolivia! Enjoy this amazing time in your life – a family of 5, how richly you are being blessed.
    Have a light whisky on us…you beautiful people.
    Taylor Massive

  17. Congratulations to you all. Certainly got your hands full now. Hope you get some rest times Roz. Love to you all Alan and Kathryn

  18. WELL DONE SIS ! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  19. So pleased to hear of the safe arrival of Caleb. Busy days ahead but at least you will have no problems getting your washing dry. Loved the photos and look forward to seeing more.

    Sue and Malcolm

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