Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | January 18, 2012

Giving birth in Boliv

We are gearing up to the big day- the birth of our baby boy! Now having done this before, you may think we have no concerns or worries with this event coming up. Actually though giving birth here in Bolivia promises to be a very different experience to the UK.

We will be going to a hospital for the birth. Our doctor will be there who has followed the whole of the pregnancy and we contact him first. We thought we maybe should make sure we were booked in or that they were expecting us, but that’s not how you do things apparently.

Spanish is spoken here. Our Spanish has improved considerably since we have been here, but in moments of crisis it could fail us. We have found that when we are stressed our ability to understand and communicate can decrease. We really want to make sure we are understanding what is happening and when.

Last time it was just us. We now have two other bundles of joy to make sure are looked after while we go to the hospital. We think David and Sarah will look after them for us which is great.

Care here is very different. We did an NCT course in the UK before Chloe was born and have to be careful not to expect the same kind of things here. For example there is no pain relief before an epidural. Our doctor looked at us like we were mad when we asked him about gas and air. When you try and explain something like that that seems so commonplace you start to realise that it does sound a little weird… A water birth is not an option and no one has ever heard of a birth plan.

We haven’t decided how we are going to get to the hospital yet. Without owning a car we have a few options. Part of me is glad of this though- the drive when Chloe was born was the most nervous drive I have ever done. (And I didn’t need to speed through red lights like my good friend Phil.) Our neighbour David has offered to take us- yet he is the slowest driver the world has ever known. We could take a taxi, or a few friends have said we could call them anytime.

So whatever happens it will be different. However different is not necessarily worse. We have had so may offers of help with lifts, help with the children and so on we feel really well supported. We will receive great care from our Doctor and can give all our concerns to our Loving God who knows how it will turn out anyway.

We are also in a very privileged position where we are able to go to a nice hospital. Roz has visited friends from Church who have given birth in massive wards with cracked walls and no cot to put their baby in. Where they need to go home as soon as possible. We also know of people who have given birth at home with no Doctor or midwife where their children have woken up the next morning to find their baby sibling came in the night. And we are worried about not understanding everything?



  1. Well, Evalyn is very much looking forward to meeting her new third cousin! (and the others for that matter) We will be praying for you…

    • Welcome to the world Evalyn from Uncle Ben and Auntie Roz! We all can’t wait to see you on Skype sometime soon!

  2. Wow, so different, a lot of unknowns but a big God who does know – the exact time and days of this little one’s life! So great to hear you feel supported in the midst of it. You guys are made of tough stuff – Roz is amazing(!). They’re may be tales to tell but you’ll be amazed at how you are under pressure. We’ll pray for you, for good understanding between you and the doctors and a good birth. We can’t wait to see him… 🙂 xxx

  3. Hi Ben and Roz

    Thinking of you and all that you are facing at the moment. We know our God is Faithful and will provide everything you need. We thank him for the amazing Bolivian family he has put all around you to support you. Cant wait to hear your news.
    rob and rachel mia guy and naomi

  4. Hello Ben & Roz,

    We keep thinking of you and praying for all of you, you are very much in our thoughts these days, God bless you! A Special hello to Cloe, we are missing you!
    Lots of love,
    Betty and Dick

    • Thanks, we miss you too, although here rumours running through Bolivia of a visit in the not too distant future… you’ll get to meet the baby boy when he is still quite little!

  5. Hello Ben & Roz,

    I am happy to read that someone has experienced birth in Bolivia.
    My name is Kylie Miles, I am from Australia.
    My sister is in Bolivia and is pregnant. Not planned but I am worried about my sister due to her diabetes.

    Could you please let me know of the hospital you went to and the doctor that was there for the birth?

    Any help at all at this stage would be a complete blessing.

    Thank you so much


    • Hi, we will email you with those details. Hope your sister is doing well.

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