Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | January 10, 2012

2 years!

We have been here for two years. I can hardly believe it! Initially we said we would come to Bolivia for two years to get a real flavour of life here and review after that. So here it is- the 2 year review!

I guess the main point is that we still feel completely convinced that this is where God wants us to be. We have settled here, we are very much part of our Church- they are family to us here, I am more and more comfortable at school, our Spanish is developing, we have made friends, we have developed a pattern of life… And we have a heart for our neighbours, friends at Church, colleagues at school.

We met with David and Sarah a couple of weeks ago to talk about how the two years have been and what we have achieved since being here. This is actually a very difficult question- what have we achieved or accomplished or done? No one has been directly saved through us, the Church has not multiplied 200 times, my students at school are not suddenly 6 times better at Maths through my hard work.

On the other hand, we came here with one daughter Chloe, we now have another, Evie and are expecting a son very soon. The family is certainly growing! We have made some good friendships. Our Spanish is improving- I have actually preached in Spanish! (just in case anyone missed that from past posts), we are learning so much about culture, poverty and different lifestyles.

So maybe the question ‘what have we achieved?’ is the wrong one. Maybe it should be ‘are we being fruitful?’ This is a very Christian phrase, but it is how Jesus speaks of what He desires for us. Maybe it is no easier to answer, but at least it forces us to remember who it is that produces the fruit. Achieving and accomplishing put the emphasis on us- our work, our skills, our effort. But being fruitful is all about Him. God grows it in us.

I still think it is helpful to review and see what has happened since we have been here and New Year is a good time to do that.

Heres to the next two years!



  1. Well done you three.
    You’ve probably ‘achieved’ more than you will ever know. But you are right to say that is the wrong question. Have you become more like Jesus? That is the question. Very often we look to around to see what we’ve done, but the reality is how have I changed? What has the Lord done with me?
    Bless you all, and as you say, here’s to the next two years!
    Much love,
    Gail & Malc

    • David spoke at the New Year about what God wants for us in 2012- Holiness, which is becoming more like Jesus. Thanks for all your encouragement!

  2. You are right, achievement is the wrong word. You and Roz have taken big risks and you put us to shame with our comfortable lifestyle. I can see God working in you both and changing you and I think that is a much better test than your ‘achievements’. Your fruit is evident to us and we thank God for you both (and our grandchildren of course).
    Love dad and mum.

  3. Thanks Ben & Roz for those helpful reminders for my life too. God IS using you, changing you and making you more like His Son. Be encouraged, we can leave the outcome to Him. Love to everyone Mum

  4. Wow, great stuff BP you writing legend.

    What a great question when reviewing our lives – am I being fruitful? So helpful in the busyness to make sure it’s “fruitful busyness” for Him

    Thanks guys,

    Thinking of you always.

    Love P C E-G and E

    (Eben blows a kiss- his new skill)

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