Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | January 5, 2012

Sloth for Ju*

News on sloth watch has been thin on the ground in recent months. Until this week! We have seen sloths in the central plaza of the city- just chilling out in the trees with people looking up at them. Then we saw this bad boy outside the zoo. A veritable glut of sloths.

*Just to clarify this does not say ‘slothful Ju’.



  1. I can’t say i really like the look of this monster! Where do they normally hang out? How did they get to the centre of the city? The mind boggles!! And what’s Ju got to do with anything??
    Anyway,love you all, Mum

    • Liz, Ju specifically asked for more sloth news and we have not had any to report for a long time. No idea how they got into the centre.

  2. Wow – that just about beats the foxes we get

  3. But what’s your verdict Ju? Never mind how they got there. It’s just very good news, isn’t it?

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