Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | December 27, 2011

Christmas Report

We decided not to go for a Bolivian/England Christmas fusion (sounds like the food from a contestant on MasterChef). Instead we have had a fairly typical English-style Christmas with one or two Bolivian additions.

On Thursday night we went to look at some Christmas lights around the city. This included huge ‘Christmas’ toadstalls, the seven dwarfs and a wise man with a glittery green banana. Chloe loved going out in the dark to see the lights.

We went out on Christmas Eve to an English speaking Church to sing some carols. When we got back we got ready for Christmas Day- Chloe put the stockings out and we left a mince pie for Father Christmas. Christmas with children is very exciting! Then the fireworks began at the same time as we were trying to get the girls to bed. Fireworks here seem to be more bang than oooooh, but there were so many it was pretty impressive.

Later on our neighbour David (the one who tries to convince any visitors fromEnglandthey should move to Boliv) came round to invite us to his families Christmas meal even later that night. Roz needed to get to sleep but I went round just before midnight. It was great- I was totally welcomed by his family and enjoyed a full on meal. David showed me his nativity scene- in which the baby Jesus was now present. Four times. In different sizes. Apparently people often give baby Jesus as a Christmas present and you keep on adding them to an ever growing nativity scene. There was an impressive range of animals too. David is a little worried that it will take over his whole house eventually.

After a little bit of sleep the next day we went for the full on English style Christmas. We went round to David and Sarah’s and had food, games, presents and a traditional Christmas day swim. I was on cooking duty. Jamie Oliver or Delia Smith it was not. I could not match the timing skills of Mrs B or my Mum (insert your favourite celebrity chef or Mum here)- I have utmost respect for cookers of Christmas meals. We did get to eat in the end.

We also got to Skype our families, drink mulled wine (Matt and Beth you didn’t need to worry), eat mince pies and Christmas cake and pull Christmas crackers. We even watched the Queens Speech on YouTube. How British can you get?



  1. So pleased you had a nice time for your first Christmas in Santa Cruz. Thanks for the update. I was wondering what you decided to do over Christmas. Sounds like you had quite an action packed time. Well done Roz for being a mum and carrying Mr Bump 24/7! Well done Ben for “being mum” in the kitchen! It was lovely to see you five on Mim’s laptop on your Christmas day morning while John was cooking our roast dinner for 6. Lots of love, Alibali 🙂

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