Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | December 13, 2011

La Paz!

We have just got back from a weeks holiday in La Paz and Lake Titicaca. It has been great to get away for a while- it is boiling hot in Santa Cruz at the moment. Unfortunately I had a cold just before we left which I generously shared with all the family over the holiday. A stuffed up 5 month old Evie was not the best of company.

La Paz feels like a different country. It is at a high altitude and surrounded by stunning mountains. The city itself spills down really steep hills and is full of cars and buses trying to navigate their way around narrow, steep roads. It seems much more like a city than Santa Cruz, with taller buildings and a more obvious centre. We were actually a little scared by the traffic, especially as we were the only people trying to push a buggy (stroller if you are American) around, along narrow, packed streets. Roz’s higlight was eating English-style fish and chips.

On the other hand, we loved Lake Titicaca. We stayed in a great hostel in Copacabana and went on lots of boat trips. The lake is beautiful- when the sky is clear, the colours are amazing. We saw a little bit of Incan history and the spectacle of cars being blessed at the Church there.

Holidays with two children and one of us (Roz) being pregnant are quite different though. We normally like to do lots of trips or activities and this was not so easy with two and us being a bit ill. Instead we ended up chatting to lots of different Bolivians- people here love babies and want to know your story. Bolivia is awesome.



  1. Looks as good as when I was there.

    Hope you guys are doing well, have an absolutely feliz navidad.


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