Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | November 15, 2011

Prayer… and a pushchair

Last week at Church we had a special prayer morning on Sunday. Prayer is something we want to develop as a Church- to meet with God, seek His heart for the Church and the city, to pray for the sick and those in trouble, to ask God to empower us by His Holy Spirit, to commit everything we do to Him. Ultimately so that we are a Church in close relationship with the Father.

We had a great meeting, full of short, sharp prayers and time to listen to God. We still have lots to do to really develop a culture of prayer in Church, but are hopefully making progress.

Prayer is an immense privilege, but also requires perseverance at times. We want to be a Church who pray individually, informally and when we meet altogether. We are looking at how best to organise and encourage this over the next months.

Also last week people from school organised a baby shower for Evie and Mr Bump. I was the only man there, but really enjoyed it- we had great food- including quiche that Roz only realised she was craving as she started eating- and people were so generous with clothes and gifts, including a buggy (or stroller apparently). Really helpful as we gear up for another little one. We have been so blessed.



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