Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | November 1, 2011

El Jordan

We have written before about how many people in our church have lived on the streets at some point in their life. One thing that has helped a lot of them is a Ministry called ‘El Jordan’, a Christian training, teaching and resource centre aimed at people on or with links to the streets.

It is hard to define exactly what El Jordan is and everything it does, so you may want to look at their website to find out more here- El Jordan website this gives helpful background on what life is like for lots of people on the streets and the vision to help.

Last week we went to two events at El Jordan. The first was their yearly graduation ceremony. A number of our friends had graduated from courses in cooking, Bible study and more. It was also a celebration of all that God has been doing in the last year and the eleven years since El Jordan started. We loved the event- it gave real importance and significance (in a high context culture) to what our friends have achieved and we felt blessed to be able to celebrate with them.

The other event was an open day or fair, where you can buy food and handicrafts made by the people who attend the courses. It is a good way for them to sell the products they have been learning how to make- bags, purses, cards and so on. Again, we loved seeing our friends showing their mastery of skills they have learned and enjoying the atmosphere of El Jordan.

We thank God for the work of El Jordan- it is an amazing blessing and encouragement to so many people from our Church.


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