Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | October 7, 2011

Broader Horizons

A couple of weeks ago we had a few days break in Buena Vista- literally ‘good view’. As we have written before our home, Santa Cruz, is not a pretty place. It is a fairly dirty city in many places and at this time of year is quite smoggy with lots of people burning things.

We do not own a car and so do not get out of the city very often. This is a massive change after years of living in Devon with the coast and Dartmoor on our doorstep. We miss the countryside and the chance to get out and have a good walk.

Going to Buena Vista was good for us- the chance to broaden our horizons, take Evie somewhere new and relax. All was going well until one evening, as we were getting Chloe ready for bed, Roz spotted a spider. It was a tarantula. In our bedroom. This is the point where being the man has its drawbacks. Jumping on the bed and screaming was not an option open to me.

So I pretended to be brave and got a trusty glass and some paper to try to catch the monster. This wasn’t big enough for the job, so I had to get a colander instead. After some false starts I managed to capture the spider under the colander and sneak a plate under so it was trapped. I then had to work out what to do with the tarantula. The manager of the hotel who I saw outside told me to let it go in the forest which was a hairy moment (not unlike the spider, actually).

Chloe quite enjoyed the whole episode which is good I guess.

This didn’t help the relaxation loads, but we have survived our first big creepy-crawly incident. On a more positive Bolivian animal front, we saw lots of beautiful birds in Buena Vista, some amazing animals God has created.

We hope to see more of Bolivia the longer we live here, I suppose that includes the less nice aspects as well as the stunning toucans.

PS If you click on the link below you can read a recent report on our Church written by David, our Pastor.




  1. aaaaah! Don’t tell Jess! That is crazy – were you like James Bond in Dr No? I liked the report – amazing how Jesus changes lives like those who preached

  2. Makes our scary/hairy little episodes appear just that – “little” ! Have you tried ‘conkers’? Love to you all Mum B.

  3. Wow! Amazing! I cannot believe it! Well, I shouldn’t be surprised really. You are in Bolivia, after all! Usually when I hear about tirantulas it’s on the tv with a scary animal expert pretending to be scared and describing its anatomy. You were scared, naturally, but pretending not to be! Bravo Ben. Your’e a star! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE FOR YOU ALL !

  4. ps. I enjoyed reading the article written by David Adjei and looking at the pictures. Thank you.

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