Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | August 19, 2011

Preaching in Spanish

Last Sunday I preached for the first time in Spanish- puro Español. It was pretty epic. Not the sermon, although you never know, but the experience. I have never spoken so much Spanish all in one go and I really enjoyed communicating directly with people.

It was a long slog to write it, translate it, check it, check it again, practice it and try to get the accent correct. I got a bit fed up with it in the middle, but it felt worth it on Sunday.

I spoke about Hebrews Chapter 12 verses 1 and 2- running the race with perseverance, throwing off everything that hinders, listening to the witnesses encouraging us on, fixing our eyes on Jesus and looking forward to the incredible prize that is to come.

Its funny because at the moment I feel out of the race. Life is full of bottles, nappies and rocking to sleep at the moment (Evie, not me). I don’t really feel like I’m running for God. But then the bottles, the nappies and all the rocking is the race, isn’t it? I want to run for God at school, teach well and live for Him, then run by serving my family- playing with Chloe, giving Roz a break if possible, cuddling Evie. These things are not insignificant, they are the race I am running for Jesus, just as much as preaching in Church (totally in Spanish! Did I mention that earlier?).

So I need to throw off selfishness and that desire to be lazy, copy great examples of Dads and husbands I know, fix my eyes on Jesus and run.



  1. You are all running a fantastic race there in Santa Cruz, and are an awesome example to me. And by the way did you say something about preaching totally in Spanish?!! Love you all, Mum B.

  2. Congratulations Ben, I knew you could do it! (Preach in Spanish that is). You are right about a husband & father as being part of the race – in fact it is ‘the race’, preaching is the side show!
    Much love to all,
    Malc & Gail xxxx

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