Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | August 14, 2011

A dolly, a panther and a special birthday

It has been a while since we last got the blog on and it feels like a lot has happened!

Chloe has had her third birthday! We can’t believe she is actually three whole years old now! Although she does feel like a giant beside Evie who is not exactly small any more. We went to the zoo with some of Chloe’s friends and their families- our first organised birthday outing. They can be a little stressful can’t they? Trying to keep everyone together, watching as a Mum popped her children into the tortoise enclosure and so on. Grandma and Grandad were with us and were stars with Evie on buggy duty. Chloe had a great day. The cake was a particular favourite. Massive thank you to everyone who sent presents for Chloe- she loves presents!

We had a great time with Mum and Dad visiting for some of my holiday, it was cold so we couldn’t do loads, but it was a good for them to get to know Evie and spend lots of time with Chloe. We got some lie-ins too! Thank you for visiting.

Last Sunday was our Children’s day at Church- we had puppets, songs, games, prizes and all sorts. It was considered crucial for Roz and I to dressup in crazy costumes and with no sloths available we were a dolly and the pink panther. A famous double act. In hindsight a costume with a giant head that I couldn’t see out of and a tail that was highly tempting for the children to pull was not the best choice. We introduced chubby bunnies to the Church and played some games. The spiritual contribution of chubby bunnies can never be overestimated. It was a fun event and the puppets taught about the love of God.



  1. That’s a lovely dress Chloe! Your outfits are also pretty great too.

    Love Jon and Jess xxx

  2. Happy birthday Chloe from Malc & Gail & 2 big kisses XX
    Love the photos of the costumes – brilliant!

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