Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | July 25, 2011

Flying Solo

We are flying solo at Church at the moment- David, the Pastor, is on holiday in the UK with his family, so all the things he would normally do are being handed out amongst us. This is a great opportunity for us as a Church to use our gifts and be Church together without David organising and teaching us. On the other hand it’s also a little scary!

So far, so good- different people are preaching every week, people who perhaps wouldn’t are leading and introducing the service and we are planning other events. I guess it is too easy to leave things to a Pastor sometimes and I think we are all learning a lot.

There is a good sense of team as we look at each other and ask- ‘What should we do now?’ if, just for example, the person preaching is late. Roz and I are enjoying that. We have somehow been roped into being ‘mascotas’ for the next children’s event- we will be dressed up in animal costumes of some kind and playing a kind of clown role as we lead games. I’m hoping for elephant outfits. Or maybe giant sloths.

Church is much more than just Sundays though, so we also need to be caring for one another outside of our meetings and living body ministry out. Please pray for us as we learn and live together.


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