Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | July 3, 2011


Evie Elizabeth Powell!

She is now home and with us! We got a phone call on Thursday morning, met her soon afterwards and brought her home. We are getting to know her and she is getting to know us- the sound of our voices, smells and so on.

It is hard to say exactly how we feel, but the overiding emotion is complete happiness, we feel so blessed and glad. Bursting hearts.

This process has happened so quickly- we have only known about the possibility for a month and now we have a new daughter! Yet the waiting in the middle was still really hard.

We keep thinking back to when Chloe was just born, that crazy time when you don’t know what day it is, what time it is and what on earth is going on. This is similar.

Evie is beautiful- an amazing little life.



  1. I think little Evie is blessed to have such a loving family bringing her up, may God bless your family in abundance.

  2. Ben & Roz – what amazing news, we have been following your plans and hopes on the blog and now you have a second daughter and so quickly! I think your mother is reeling even more than you (!) but last time I spoke to her she seemed to have calmed down and is just about coping with the exploits of her 3 sons and 2 daughters in law! They are of course counting the days until they come out.
    You are blessed and privileged to have your children and you will be a blessing to them as you guide and care for them. We wil pray for this time of introduction of Evie into the family. God has great plans for her and for you all.
    Lots of love Michael and Ruth

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