Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | June 23, 2011


I apologise for the lengthy blogless period- we have been thinking and praying about a major decision. We wrote a while ago about thinking about adoption and, after considering it for ages, we are in the middle of it!

We found out a few weeks ago about a young pregnant lady who wants to give her baby up to be adopted and were asked if we were interested. A scary question. Sometimes you pray about something for ages- like a baby in our case- but when God answers your prayers you can be slow to realise that that is what he is doing. Or even be sure about the thing you prayed for.

So we were a bit scared at first- or if I am being honest, maybe I was more than Roz. However we prayed and we know we want to have more children and we feel God is putting adoption on our hearts.

So we are going for it! Practically this means we could have a new member of our family, a little baby girl- in about two weeks. Crazy. This is a quite a short period of time to get ready, think about names, buy baby things and so on. Not to mention prepare for sleepless nights and Colemans mustard style nappies (you know what I mean Tony!*) again.

We have a lawyer who is helping with the process, he has been great so far. Adoption here is very different from inEngland. It can be much quicker but there are lots of paperwork and meetings and hearings as well.

The problem with all this is that nothing is certain. This is only a spoken agreement so far and it may not work out. We are aware of this and are trying to keep this in mind while also preparing for a new baby. This is a strange position to be in. We would value your prayers as we hope for our family to grow!

With lots of love, Ben, Roz and Chloe.

*Sorry- a reference there to Tony ‘the legend’ Taylor who describes babies nappies as looking full of Coleman’s mustard.


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