Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | May 20, 2011

Dave Gillard Visit

Our Church has Dave Gillard from Biggin Hill Church in the UK visiting at the moment. He came about the same time last year so is renewing relationships and building on what he shared last time. He is a great guy. A really talented guitarist, passionate, gifted evangelist and full of energy and enthusiasm. High capacity.

It’s such an encouragement for our Church and for David- I think its great for him to spend lots of time with another Pastor like this. Dave is full on involved while is he here- praying, preaching, sharing, playing and teaching guitar, making friends and all the rest. We’ve had extra meetings at peoples homes- tonight we’re going to a house group, he has shared at the mens training session I go to and done loads!

We have a special service on Sunday, especially for guests, where Dave will share the Gospel. Then we’re all heading to David and Sarah’s house for the baptism of one of our good friends- and maybe others! Last Sunday when Dave preached four people became Christians which was great! Please pray for Sunday!

Thanks God for the gift of Dave!


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