Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | May 16, 2011


Capacity is something I cannot work out. I remember having a great capacity for sleep when I was a teenager- this is something I get little time to make use of now.

On the other hand though I did not seem to have a great capacity for work and while at uni I found it very hard to get to 9:30 lectures on time. Does your capacity for life just get bigger naturally as you get older? Before Chloe was born I couldn’t even imagine how we would cope  being parents. Now some of our friends are having second children and I can’t imagine having the capacity to look after two. What confounds me is how people like David and Sarah manage life with four children, running a Church, a house, and all the rest.

I would like to have a larger capacity. To be able to give more and do more- offer more hospitality, spend more time with people, give myself away more, not just feel like I need some chill out time after getting home from school. My capacity also seems to be diminished when speaking in Spanish- I get tired out, especially when I’m with a group of people and trying to keep track of the conversation, let alone put in my own witty (I’m not really able to make jokes in Spanish yet) comment.

We have Dave Gillard here at the moment. He has a gran capacidad. He is visiting the Church from Biggin Hill Newfrontiers Church and is with us just over a week. He arrived Friday morning and rather than sleeping and recovering went out to Homegroup that night. I was in, recovering from playing football against the students. He is great. A brilliant encouragement, full of energy and enthusiasm for God and the Gospel.

The other person who comes to mind when I think about capacity is God. The capacity of God is limitless, endless, eternal. He is from everlasting to everlasting. I’ve been around 30 years (just in case you had forgotten)- He is the alpha and the Omega- the first and the last. The Great I AM.

And He gives capacity. He increases ours. If I wait on Him He will renew my faith. He gives strength, energy- things I can feel I lack. So rather than feeling my capacity is too small, I need to look to Him. Good thing too, I’m feeling a little tired…



  1. Very timely and helpful post, thank you!

  2. Thanks Ben! Have been thinking about capacity just this weekend – your blog is a great encouragement. Love to you all.

  3. Hey bro.

    Encouraged by the blogaroo. keep it up.

    Was thinking about what you said. The Bible is rammed with stories of people who don’t have great capacity. look at the disciples. uneducated, self orientated and ordinary human beings. yet now millions of people read about what they did for God. the whole of God’s narrative is filled with people who don’t think they amount to much or aren’t good enough or whatever, but God takes them on and gives them his own capacity. Your capacity is endless and God promises in his word that he is transforming you. so ease up, i think you’re a legend.

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