Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | May 1, 2011

The curse of Samaipata

We are coming near the end of a little holiday and the visit of Tom, my oldest friend. It has been great to see him and show him round Santa Cruz, and we also decided to show him Samaipata, a pretty village a few hours from here, on the edge of the Amboro National Park.

The mysterious El Fuerte at Samaipata

What a great idea. Unfortunately the last two times we have been to Samaipata- once with my parents- we have been ill the whole time and not been able to do or see very much. Last time Roz didn’t even go outside the place we stayed in. Surely nothing would go wrong this time?

How wrong you can be. Roz got a full on cold as soon as we arrived and my stomach, which hasn’t been great for a while, was dodgy the whole time. Roz is hoping I have a tape worm because it sounds exciting. I don’t think its that bad. Suffice to say we often discuss my bowel movements. I won’t go into more detail. 

We’d even turned down the invite from the British Embassy in La Paz to attend a ‘Wedding Breakfast’ on Friday with cucumber sandwiches. The Wedding has been pretty big news here too.

Fortunately Chloe and Tom were fine, we did get to see El Fuerte, an ancient pre-Incan ruin and Tom did a hike to a cloud forest in Amboro which sounded brilliant.  

Maybe one time we’ll go to Samaipata and not be ill.



  1. So sorry about the holiday. Happy 30th Birthday Ben for May 2nd!
    We are so proud of you and we love you.
    Mum and Dad

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