Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | April 26, 2011

The Blood of Jesus

I preached last week about the blood of Jesus. I read through details in Leviticus of how Israelites had to sacrifice a goat for the forgiveness of their sins, the Priest had to wipe the blood on the altar and then the rest of the blood had to be poured out on the floor.

My first reaction is that this is gross. I don’t really like blood and the idea of killing a goat and pouring its blood onto the floor which I imagine would spread out into some sticky horrible puddle is disgusting. Way worse than a puddle of wee that has to be cleaned up. (We’ve had some of this in our house recently.)

But as I read more I can see the power in this picture- the link between sin and death and the blood that needs to be shed.

My sin leads to death. It leads to blood being poured out. I looked round the cathedral today and you can’t miss the pictures of Jesus suffering on the Cross. Yet Jesus’ blood is so much more powerful than the blood of a goat.

I looked at passages in the New Testament that speak about what Jesus’ blood achieves and it is amazing.  The Blood of Jesus is poured out for the forgiveness of sins. Through Jesus’ blood we have eternal life and will be raised from death. We are brought or purchased by his blood, ransomed from slavery by His blood, redeemed by His precious blood.

God’s wrath is satisfied by Jesus’ blood. We are justified by the blood of Jesus. We are bought near to the perfect, Holy, Almighty God through His blood. In fact we can enter with confidence into God’s very presence through His blood.

God reconciles all things and makes peace through Jesus’ blood. Our consciences are cleaned through the blood of Jesus. We are cleaned and purified by His blood. Jesus’ blood frees us from our sins and more- Holy.  And Jesus’ blood overcomes evil.



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