Posted by: powellsinsantacruz | March 28, 2011

Bolivian TV

To be blunt Bolivian TV is bad. In fact so bad sometimes it makes me cross just watching it. People tell me that watching TV in a different language is a good way of improving but I can’t hack it.

We don’t have Cable so just watch the channels through the antennae. To give you a yardstick to judge against, we once saw a programme that consisted of a guy standing in front of the camera holding a clipboard. Nothing more. We were flicking between the channels and he was still standing there talking about pets I think every time we got back to it.

Sadly this is not the only bad aspect. On some channels I’m sure there is more advert time than actual programme time and they seem to cut to adverts at random. One thing we do try to watch sometimes is the News and this is the case here. The News itself is quite different to what we were used to. It is much more graphic- you will see quite violent images and injuries that may be censored in the UK. They also have a section every day that David likes to call ‘Bikini News’. This is some newsworthy item that involves ladies wearing bikinis. It is amazing that everyday something pops up that necessitates this, but there you go.

Having said all this though on Saturday night we sat down to watch TV with great excitement. A good friend we have made has started his own TV show where he travels to different towns around Bolivia, shows people some magic, finds out about the culture and history of the place and enjoys some local cuisine. Think David Blane meets Jamie Oliver meets Bill Bryson. It was really good. A good soundtrack, interesting people and food and some great reactions from people probably seeing magic for the first time. We loved seeing our friend, his flat and his baby- it felt like we knew a celebrity!

Maybe Bolivian TV can change.



  1. Makes one glad to have the BBC, although seeing George Aligia in a bikini has it’s attractions.

    • As requested- the show is called ‘Nico Medes en el Pais de las maravillas’ and is on the Activa channel on Cable on Saturday nights at 7pm. Its also repeated on Sunday nights.

      Is that okay for a plug now, Nico?

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